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Lessons at a time and place that suits you.

You can learn in your own home on your own computer. This way you can relax and concentrate on learning.

Most students have a single hour lesson once a week and others like to start with a few close together and then spread them out as they become more competent.

Ever changing and improving technology

Electronic computers were only developed in the 1950s and the Internet was made available to us all in 1995. That is less than 20 years ago – how times have changed!

Now computer technology is almost unavoidable in our modern world and unless we learn to use it we will be left behind.

One to one computer lessons in your own home are the easiest and most stress free way to keep up in these rapidly changing times.

You decide what you want to learn

Whatever you want to use your computer for Computer Tutor can help. We offer tuition, advice and encouragement until you succeed.

Most Computer Tutor students are interested in learning more about one or more of the following:

  • Computer Basics
  • Internet
  • Keeping in touch
  • Entertainment
  • Your Photographs
  • Office Skills

Booking is easy and times are flexible

The Computer Tutor lessons are normally offered 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, but exceptions can be made if your need is urgent or you have work commitments. Just ask.

The day and time of your lessons can vary week to week, just book an available slot that suits you.

Students usually book a week in advance and are expected to give 24hours notice of cancellation so that their slot can be filled by another student.

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