Learn to use your own computer at home

- South Liverpool & Wirral



Switch off your tv and turn on your computer

There are so many new, fun and interesting ways to use your computer for entertainment, you may find that you neglect your TV.

You may not want to use them all but you can have each type explained and then be taught to use the ones that you enjoy.

The entertainment power of your computer is almost endless

There are so many options that it is impossible to list them all here, but these are the main areas;

Music, films and books

  • Organising and syncing
  • Downloading from the internet
  • Buying music or films on line


  • Using an MP3 player (eg iPod)
  • Listening to music


  • Watching films
  • YouTube


  • ebooks (eg Kindle)
  • Buying on-line

Watching TV

  • Catch up TV (eg BBC iPlayer)
  • live TV
  • documentaries


From solitaire and crosswords to join games or discussions on line, you are bound to find something that entertains you

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