Learn to use your own computer at home

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The world at your fingertips

From business to games, photographs to family history there is so much on the internet that you can access and enjoy in the comfort of your own home

The power of the internet is almost endless

There is so much to explore that it is impossible to list it all here, but these are the main areas that we are asked to teach;

Internet Search

  • Surfing the Web
  • Search Engines:finding information on the Internet
  • Spyware and Viruses explained
  • Quick access to your favourite websites

Shopping on line

  • Travel reservations, theatre tickets, clothes, books etc
  • Supermarket home delivery shopping
  • Buy and Sell using Ebay
  • Online banking


  • Crossword answers
  • Holiday destinations,
  • Family history

What’s on?

  • News
  • Cinema and theatre times
  • Shows and events

Accessing government services

  • Travel visas
  • On line tax returns
  • NHS advice
  • Local Council

Ever changing and improving technology

Electronic computers were only developed in the 1950s and the Internet was made available to us all in 1995. That is less than 20 years ago – how times have changed!

Now computer technology is almost unavoidable in our modern world and unless we learn to use it we will be left behind.

One to one computer lessons in your own home are the easiest and most stress free way to keep up in these rapidly changing times.

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