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Office Skills

Office Skills

Your computer, in one device replaces all the office clutter

Our offices used to be cluttered up with pens, pencils, typewriters, paper, filing cabinet, telephones etc etc.

Instead of a filing cabinet we can save everything in the computer libraries

  • File organisation and management
  • Documents, pictures, music and videos

Writing – using WORD

  • Letter and document writing
  • Writing your book
  • Producing invoices/receipts

Bookkeeping/Accountants – using Excel

  • Home finances
  • Church/club accounts
  • Contacts details and addresses

Presentations - using PowerPoint

  • Business presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Job interviews

Desk Top Publishing

  • fliers/leaflets
  • invitations

It is also useful to have an all-in-one printer

  • Printing, scanning and copying
  • Printing envelopes and letters
  • Mailing labels
  • Printing pictures and fliers

Never has getting organised been so easy.

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