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Career Change

Career Change

You may be considering a complete career change which may involve moving to a job where you need to be computer literate, or that uses skills that you don’t yet have. If you are already in work you probably can’t get to day-time lessons in your local library of college and they might not even cover what you need.

If you have been out of the workplace for some time and are thinking about returning you may need a few refresher lessons to bring you up to date.

Computer Tutor can come to your place of work, or to your home to help you get the skills you need in the most efficient and convenient way.

Some ideas of what you may need to learn


  • Search for jobs and career options
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Applying on-line

Writing – using WORD

  • Job application letters and document writing

Presentations - using PowerPoint

  • Job interviews

Bookkeeping/Accountants – using Excel

  • Home finances
  • Contacts details and addresses

Save everything in the computer libraries

  • File organisation and management
  • Documents, pictures, music and videos

Print hard copies

  • Printing, scanning and copying
  • Mailing labels
  • Printing pictures and fliers

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