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Don't Like Computers

Don't Like Computers

A computer is a wonderful tool for allowing anyone access to a fantastic world of information and communication that seemed like science fiction only a very few years ago. The access to entertainment and ease of communication through a home computer is so convenient.

We are constantly encouraged to use computers, for shopping, banking communication, catch-up tv – the list is endless, so why are so many people so nervous of using them?

Put off by the jargon

You may profess not to like computers and won’t even try to use them, but actually, this is not surprising considering even the language of computers is frightening: Crash, virus, spyware, hacking……. No wonder we are put off!

Feel stupid

Also our world seems to be full of people who seem to intuitively be able to work any new technology without difficulty.

Believe it or not, they are in the minority, even amongst the young!

What we are seeing are people who have grown up with computers so are not afraid to experiment.

Lack of control

What happens if it does something I don’t understand and loses everything? Our friendly, experienced tutors will teach you to feel comfortable with your computer and to know what to do if something unexpected happens. We are there for advice and reassurance for as long as you need us.

Be the master of your computer

Your computer is a fantastic tool that you can use for a vast array of different things, but it is still only a tool. You can learn to make it do what you want it to do, so you are in control.

Having your own Computer Tutor is the quickest and easiest way to become master of your own computer.

Run out of excuses? - with Computer Tutor you may even learn to love it.

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