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Filling in the Gaps

Filling in the Gaps

Many people are self-taught which is great, but you might find that there are sticking points which seem to take far more time than they should. Often you muddle through, but manage to waste hours of your time. An hour with Computer Tutor can save hours of frustration.

For example:

  • Your email or homepage suddenly change beyond recognition
  • What you can do about too much clutter
  • What programs do I need to keep my system safe and healthy?

List your questions

Put a note pad by your computer and make a note every time you get to something that puzzles you.

When you have built up a list, call in the Computer Tutor.

We will go through your list and advise you on the easiest way for you to solve your problems on your computer.

This could be a one-off lesson or one of a series, as and when you need them.

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