Too Old to Learn

Too Old to Learn

Too old to learn?

Not all of us had the opportunity to learn computers when we were young, but the great news is that, with the help of Computer Tutor, you are never too old to learn. I currently teach 2 students who are in their 90s and many more who are in their 80s.

A home computer is ideally suited to anyone who spends time at home, especially in the winter months with dark evenings.

Stay in touch

Many of my students have been encouraged to go on line as their children have grown up and moved away, possibly to the far corners of the world. The good news is that you can see them on screen and talk to them for free as well as keeping in touch with email and photographs. It is the next best thing to having them there with you.

Tired of TV repeats and endless American chat shows? Switch off your TV and turn on your computer

There are so many new, fun and interesting ways to use your computer for entertainment, you may find that you neglect your TV.

You may not want to use them all but you can have each type explained and then be taught to use the ones that you enjoy.

From music to films to books and Games, or just browsing websites, you are bound to find something that entertains you

The entertainment power of your computer is almost endless

Retirement is the perfect time to learn to use a computer with the added bonus is that acquiring a new skill helps keep the old grey cells active

All you need to do is book a lesson and we will come to you.