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Why CT

Why CT

The Computer Tutor one-to-one tuition service has been proven to be the most efficient and stress free method for novices and mature computer users to acquire and improve skills and confidence.

  • No pressure
  • No set courses of study
  • No timetables
  • Learn what you want, when you want in your own home

Computer Tutor is special because all our tutors are experienced teachers, not just computer technicians. This means that you will be taught in a way that most suits you. We understand that everyone learns in different ways and are skilled in identifying which combination of techniques will help you understand and absorb the necessary skills to get the most out of your own computer.

All our tutors are patient, encouraging and supportive with even the most reluctant and technophobic individuals.

Consider the alternatives:

  • many libraries and colleges offered lessons
    • but often people cannot learn in a group or are unable to transfer their skills from a different type of computer.
  • Some computer repair shops offered tuition as an optional extra
    • but not by specialist teachers, by their own technicians.
  • family members can be very knowledgeable
    • but often have very limited patience when trying to teach a complete novice.
  • Books
    • Computer novices are not ‘dummies’ they just haven’t yet learnt the relevant skills.
  • Ÿ E-learning (learning on-line) for the novice
    • like giving someone a book on how to learn to read!

So if you would like you will receive all the encouragement and support that you need to learn to use your computer contact Computer Tutor.

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